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Beautiful evening drive home from Central London after a shoot

Today’s shoot was at the Barts and London School of Medicine and Dentistry, in the William Harvey Heart Centre. The drive home, although stressful (more-so for the driver), was very enjoyable


#Credence. The first sci-fi to challenge LGBT portrayal in film. Check out the crowd-funding campaign I was part of the very small but talented crew ;)


Production Assistant (Camera & Lighting)


Shot a nice wedding today at Cantley House Hotel in Wokingham… Ridiculously hot day to be shooting!

Just about managed to overcome the heat today! Shot some nice stuff in a great venue


Worked at The Belfrey today on a corporate gig

Got reacquainted with the world of corporate video work today.


Found myself in the newspaper

I worked on my good friend Jonny’s ( final project documentary film. I did a bit of additional/secondary camera work and a few time-lapses. Got a mention in the paper!

Take a look at my new camera op showreel


Late night #showreel #editing #cameraman #cameraop #cameraoperator #mac #imac #blackandwhite

New showreel is almost done!


Venue #blackandwhite #engagement #event #chandelier #decoration

I’m available for weddings and other such events. Get in touch!


Camera Showreel June 2013

Showreel I made last year. New one coming soon!


On location with the #Blackmagic #4k Production Camera earlier this week. Photo courtesy of @rosannakate91 #filmmaking #film #wealdanddownland #theburning #gear #camera #cameraman

Throwback to the very last shoot of my degree, merely a month ago


Helped out the TV lot today by being #autocue operator… Chilling in the gallery ain’t too bad ;) #autoscript #television #tv #studio

Every now and then it’s nice to get back in the TV studio gallery


So stoked on this shot I got today #selfridges #thebeautyproject #brazilian #dancer #cameraman #london

Awesome frame from what I shot today in Selfridges London. I was shooting on behalf of the choreographer, Vikki Burns.


Today I was lucky enough to shoot some amazing dancers at #Selfridges in #London who were part of #thebeautyproject . Such a great feeling seeing the dancers’ reactions when I showed them the footage… reminded me why I love being a #cameraman / #filmmaker

I got a last-minute job filming #thebeautyproject dancing in Selfridge’s London today, for the excellent choreographer Vikki Burns.


All ready for shooting tomorrow… On the Blackmagic 4k camera!!

This week has probably been one the most exciting weeks in ages, in terms of production/working/shooting… spent 3 days in Chichester shooting a 16th century period short film on the Blackmagic 4k with a big crew, then a day in Norfolk working on a LGBT rights sci-fi short with a small crew… lots of travelling, lots of laughs, shot some nice looking stuff and learnt a lot!


The pinnacle of my 3 years of media training & experience… Holding a #freefly #movi …not operating, just holding haha

Yesterday I was the production assistant/runner for a short sci-fi film/music video called ‘Credence’, directed by Mike Buonaiuto. It was a crew of 2 (excluding myself and the director) so I had plenty to do, from set dressing to cleaning lenses, and at one point I gave the MoVi op a rest! It was a really great shoot, with a great cast and a great location… took 4 hours to get there but it was worth it… and we managed to wrap in 1 day instead of 2! It was shot on the Canon C300 with some nice Canon L primes by a very talented crew, so can’t wait to see how it turns out.